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All that you need to know about 3d printing metal


Today, the automotive industry is facing tough times. It is becoming an imperative for them to bounce back as the other sectors are doing fairly well and soon have a strong hold over the economy. Only when this industry determines to work with determination and grit, it can surely achieve the success. For this, the manufacturers will have to come up with innovative technology and the suppliers gear up for the distribution.


The automotive experts will have to invest in research and development so that they get advanced equipment. Original and new designs, cost effective and short lead times are known to the advantages of additive manufacturing. What is so great about the 3d printing metal? This technology has changed the phase of manufacturing and is considered to be a chance for the automotive industry to rise up.


Do you know anything about 3d metal printing? There are many people who know the basics of it but if you are in the industry, it is vital for you to know in detail. At least knowing what benefits it offers you is very important so that you can take the right decision. This technology is already used by a lot of businesses. The key feature of this innovation is SLM or the 'Selective Laser Melting' technique. The metallic powder is fused in this process to make the 3 dimension products.


The SLM procedure does not make use of the metal powder material and the laser directly. It makes use of the 3 dimension CAD data. Then it will layer different properties. The first step of the metal printing process is to slice the files and convert them into STL files. Once the conversion is successful, it will proceed to the next step. On the bed of the file, a thin layer of metal powder is then applied and the laser melts the powder wherever needed. The laser keeps melting the powder until the required shape is attained.


The automotive industry is accessing this technology to get their prototypes tested for safety and functionality. The automotive engineers need to include this procedure in not just pre-testing but also real production.


There are a number of advantages that you need to keep in mind. If you are not yet convinced to access the technology of 3d printing metal then visit here to go through the following benefits.


You can pick any design of your choice to get it transformed into a 3-dimensional structure. Using the traditional process, customization was not possible. With the 3d printing, you can even customize according to the client's needs.


The 3d metal printing is also cost efficient and this is one of the most important benefits that you can get. How does it save you money? With this type of technology, you will not have to spend on other equipment and thus you save money. Additionally, you will not have to bother about sand or dye casts which will help you save money as well as time. Most importantly, this technology is energy efficient thus you contribute to the environment at the same time save on energy bills.